L'Equipe du Son - Familiar Stranger (The Beat Broker Remix)

Silhouette Music (March 2016)

Digital Only

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Dream Chimney Dubs

American Standard Records (May 2015)

12" Only

PB Vinyl Juno Lighthouse Piccadilly Records

Headpocket - Swift (the Beat Broker Nylon Dub)

Emerald & Doreen (May 2015)

Digital Only

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Clandestino "Crack In The Sky" (dream dub)

Is It Balearic (Dec 2014)


juno Pacific Beach Vinyl piccadilly phonica

A Vision of Panorama - Cascade (The Beat Broker Dub)

Mellophonia (Dec 2014)


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Bassline Romance - DeLorean (The Beat Broker Remix)

Hot City EP

Emerald & Doreen (Nov 2014)


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Jonas Reinhardt - Virgo Cluster (The Beat Broker Remix)

Viare EP

Voltaire (March 2014)


junodownload xlr8r

the Beat Broker "Night Shift" (sunrise dub)

Emerald Waves Vol 1

Emerald & Doreen (Feb 2014)


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Jonas Reinhardt "Jungle Jah" (The Beat Broker Remix)


Not sure this got released


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  • Felipe Sa

Felipe Sa "Shatterer of Worlds" (The Beat Broker galactic dub)

Rainbow Socks (June 2013)



  • Sorcerer

Sorcerer "Universal Vision" (The Beat Broker Remix)

Catune (March 2013)

12" & digital

insound Amoeba Midheaven Bent Crayon Forced Exposure Beatport

  • Sumsun

Sumsun "Lush House" (The Beat Broker Remix)

Halo Cyan (Jan 2013)


beatport iTunes boomkat

L'Equipe du Son "Slow Notion" (The Beat Broker Remix)

Silhouette Music (Dec 2012)


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  • Manzana

Sonna Dummer "Manzana" (Beat Broker Dub)

Finesse Records (Nov 2012)


Free: finesse records

  • Nice To Mix You

Nice To Mix You - Remix Works 2009-2012

Catune Records (Oct 2012)

CD Only

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  • odyssey

Future Feelings "Odyssey" (dub mix)

Tickle Sound/Finesse Records (Nov 2012)


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  • Shock - Heaven

SHOCK - Heaven (dub mix)

Voltaire Records (Nov 2012)

12" & digital

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Marbeya Sound - Sancho (remix)

Mad on the Moon (Oct 2012)

Digital only

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  • Jonas Reinhardt - Foam Fangs

Jonas Reinhardt - Foam Fangs (full moon mix)

100% Silk (Oct 2012)

Digital only

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Limit (the Beat Broker edit)

Spain Vs USA Vol 2 / Groove Democracy (Aug 2012)

Digital only

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  • Pancho's Revenge

Anthony Mansfield/Garth "Pancho's Revenge" (remix)

Hector Works (Feb 2012)

12" only

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  • Ultraviolet

Lord of the Isles "Ultraviolet" (ultra dub)

Adult Contemporary (Sep 2011)

180-gram Black Vinyl, 12" only

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Jerry Williams "Easy On Yourself" (dub)

Adult Contemporary (Sep 2011)

12" only

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BEATFANATIC "Unknown Pleasures" (remix)

Soundscape Sweden (Oct 2010)

Digital only

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Martin Virgin featuring Sym "Intergalactic Lover" (dub + instrumental dub)

Add2Basket (Sep 2010)

Digital only

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Hatchback "Comets" (Colors of the Club Mix)

Milky Disco 3 - To The Stars, LO Recordings (Sep 2010)

Digital only


  • Good To See You

Caltrop "Good To See You" (The Beat Broker mix)

Nude Photo Music (2009)

Digital only

junodownload Nude Photo Music

  • 9dw

9dw "Posse" (The Beat Broker's California Club Mix)

California EP on Catune / Ene (2009)

12" / digital (Also watch the Video!)

bandcamp jetset records

  • Selway

John Selway "Shake the Snow" (The Beat Broker's Melting dub)

Throne of Blood (2009)

12" / digital

Juno Kompakt junodownload iTunes Beatport

  • Rebirth

Fancybeat - "Funk In" (The Beat Broker remix)

Rebirth Unreleased Vol 3 (2009)

12" / digital

juno Beatport junodownload

  • Windsurf

Windsurf - "Light As Daylight" (Neon Razor dub)

Internasjonal (2008)

12" / digital juno download iTunes Beatport

  • Ritmolider

Ritmolider "Kaleidoscope" (The Beat Broker Remix)

Mellophonia (2007)

12" boomkat beatport

  • West Indian Girl

West Indian Girl "Up The Coast" (The Beat Broker's Slow Drive Mix)

West Indian Girl Remixes Vol. 2 (2007)


Juno iTunes

  • bumrocks

Jeanne Shy "Night Dancer" (Beat Broker dub)