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Dust off your white suit and bow tie for a new classy dancer mix to celebrate the new "Back to Business" album.
July 2017
Bottin feat. Lavinia Claws - Roulez Jeunesse
Mousse T., Lovebirds - Do Anything
Birdee - Tonight
Joey Negro - Stomp Your Feet (Hot Toddy Remix)
Phil Gerus - She Is Wearing Her Black Boots Again
Das Komplex - Szlugi
Spiller, Hard Ton - Right Now (Dimitri From Paris & Dj Rocca Erodiscotique Dubstrumental)
Spirit Catcher - Superimposed
Pete Herbert - Hypnotize (Max Essa Remix)
Bufi - Manana (Moullinex Remix)
Roy Blues - Pyramid
Paredes - Without Intermission
M83 - Road Blaster (Lauer Remix) (edit)
The epic 10 part dancefloor saga comes to an end...
June 2014
Princeton - Florida (Cosmic Kids Remix) (Instrumental Edit)
Matt Meler feat Natalie Conway - Got Me (Extended Instrumental Mix)
B.G. Baarregaard - Gone
Ccccchaves - Funky Dancefloor
Missile Crisis - Bad Faith
Nelue - Right Through You (faze Action Dub Mix)
The Gemini Brothers - Jeraldine Affair
Pete Herbert - Slave To It
Somerville & Wilson - Girl Down (Yam Who? Rework)
Munk - Munkysound (Moullinex Remix)
Jimmy & Fred - I See Lights (Dub Mix)
Fhernando - Can't Wait For Disco
Dimitri From Paris/dj Rocca - Ero Disco Theme
#dance # disco # classy June 2014
a formal happy hour affair to get you in the mood for Classy Dancer X
October 2013
D-Pulse - Keep On Running (Amberflame mix)
Sommerstad - Seniore Parnemando
Robot 84 - Wishing Well
Human Nature - Turn Me On
Nelue - Right Through You (Space Ranger Remix)
Egyptian Nipples - Back But Half
Dj Steef - More Lifes
Hotbox - Boogie Adventure
Alico Vs Cagri - Les Mondes Engloutis (Psychemagik 5am mix)
Nelue - Right Through (inst)
LeSale - Before The Night
Anturage - Drowning In Your Love (MiDiMAN Lovely mix)
U-Ka - Per Aspera Ad Astra (9dw rmx)
#disco # dance # house # classy October 2013
For your listening and dancing pleasure, the Beat Broker presents.... Classy Dancer VIII
August 2013
Kim and Buran - Arp
Sanza & Phunktatike - Locovox
BG Baarregaard - Playboy (instrumental)
Tornado Wallace - Rainbow Road (Lewie's Bowser Castle Remix)
Daniel Lucas - Guilty
Richard From Milwaukee - Free Love
Jkriv & The Disco Machine - Disco Rocket (faze Action Dub)
Fiori - Andiamo (Mirror People Remix)
Jkriv/lou Teti - Elisco (Leftside Wobble Version)
Simone Fedi - Bitter Devotion (Ewan Pearson Instrumental Remix)
DJ Agent 86/Drop Out Orchestra - Disco Me (Kid Who Remix)
LeSale - On The Beach (mikeburns Remix)
Jonas Reinhardt - Jungle Jah (the Beat Broker Remix)
Ric Piccolo - Sula
#disco # dance # house # classy August 2013
✓ Disco Strings  ✓ Piano Solos  ✓ Galloping Basslines  ✓ Sizzling Hi-Hats  ✓ Occasional Horn Section  ✓ Catchy Synth Hooks  ✓ Hot Guitar Riffs
March 2013
Coming soon
#disco # dance # house # classy March 2013
Exclusive mix for Dance Party Chronicles
November 2012
Proper Heat – Just A Little Bit (original mix)
Telephones – Turkis
Trujillo – You Keep Me (Cosmic Kids Remix)
Mobroder – Rush (Nile Delta Remix)
Roberto Rodriguez – Tell Me (Instrumental & Backing Vox Version)
Psychemagik – Carnaval De Trancoso
Phreek Plus One – La Spirale (J Loveboat mix)
Marcello Giordani – Lose your Love
F3 – Lonely Land
Bufi – Will Be (Extendend Club Mix)
Ok Corral – Glorya
Bermuda – Tease me
Ichisan – House Dance Conference (Pete Herbert remix)
Marius Våreid – Il Tempo Gigante
#disco # dance # house # classy November 2012
"Dress Code: For the Gentlemen a black tailcoat with matching trousers trimmed by a ribbon of braid or satin on the outside of each trouser leg. The Ladies an evening dress with a full skirt, possibly with open back and low neck line. Elbow-length gloves are also a nice addition for the Lady."
March 2012
Cadillac - Blue Skies (Ray Mang Remix)
Bufi & Juan Soto - Monrovia
This Is A Recording - Southern Neon Lights
Felipe Sa - Party Rock
the Shack - One & Only (Faze Action Mix)
Golden Bug/Rodion Feat Lavinia Claws - Do The Washing Machine (Toomy Disco Rub Dub Mix)
Rocco Desentis - Your Night My Day (ft. Sequencers)
the Beat Broker - Believe It
Appaloosa - Jumping On Beds (Mirror People Dub Mix)
Kael Misko - I Want You
Knightlife - Serves You Right
Imagination - Burnin Up (dim Red Bus Re-dub Mix)
Loudery - Getting Away With It (Pete Herbert Dub)
Andromeda Orchestra - West Coast Lady
#disco # dance # house # classy March 2012
Start with the feet shoulder length apart, with your weight on the left foot. Take a step backwards with your right foot, then the left, and then the right again. Tap the left foot against the insole of the right while clapping your hands, and keep the weight on the right foot. Repeat this step starting on the left foot. Once you are comfortable with the footwork, you can add the arms. When not clapping, bend the arms at the elbow. Your hands will be in fists with the thumbs on the top. Swing the elbows out to the sides, making an up and down motion to flow with each step.
Oct 2011
Bon Voyage - Sorciers Des Aeroports
Lovelock - Champagne
Name in Lights - Touch The Sky (Eddie Mars remix)
Moullinex - Sunflare (Extended Dub)
Lagutenko & MNL - Alps Palms (Sportloto Musketeer Dub Mix)
The Swiss - Bubble Bath (Knightlife Remix)
Psychemagik - Star Lazer
Earl Flint - People (Rayko birthday edit)
Kelton Prima - The Dark Side Of The Spoon (PH Groove remix)
Columbus - Hubble (Ajello remix)
Lazydisco - More Tigers (Mirror People remix)
Poncho - Please Me (Rory Phillips Mix)
Casual Encounters - Casual Boogie
Easy Going - Go Away Little Girl (Instrumental)
Mike Burns - No Strings Attached
Neurotic Drum Band - U Got Me Dancin' (Piano Party Mix)
#disco # dance # house # classy Oct 2011
Just move to the music and enjoy yourself. Annoying others and misbehaving yourself means just asking for trouble. You might simply get bounced.Be ready to dance when you get on the dance floor. Don't stop or stand on the dance floor at any time. If you need to stop dancing, make your way off the dance floor. If you bump into any dancer, do not stop dancing but apologize (no matter who's fault). Always be polite with other dancers.
June 2011
Visti and Meyland - Leave Your Worries (Sportloto Delta Mix)
Julian Sanza - Fired Up (Toomy Disco Remix)
Telephones - Kanal
Downtown Party Network - Get A Life
the Mythical Beasts - Communicate (Alphabet City remix)
Daco - Drip Dry (YamWho remix)
Space Ranger - Nightmoves
the Backwoods - Breakthrough
Ilija Rudman - See (Martin Brodin Remix)
Mushrooms Project Present Soupaczar - So Mr Leary (Richard Sen Remix)
Reverso 68 - Well Heeled
Rotciv - Classic Age
Hot Toddy - Slave To You
Maximilian Skiba feat. Snax - Fire Dance (Ray Mang Remix)
Bottle service available.
Oct 2013
Kool DJ Dust - Ancient Astronauts
Nick Chacona - Slice Of Life
Kid Who - Skycaptain
Knightlife - All Systems (Nile Delta Remix)
Baxter - Approval (Sare Havlicek Dub Mix)
Ray Mang - Letcha Body Go
Supernova - Sweet Disco Music
Martin Brodin & Dumb Dan - Blood Stud (Ray Mang Remix)
Marbeya Sound - Sancho (the Beat Broker remix)
Voltage - All Night (Ilija Rudman Remix)
Diskjokke - 1987
Faux Love - Desire
Walter Jones - Falling
Traction - I Want More (a Can cover)
#disco # dance # house # classy Oct 2013
Part 2 of the dancefloor saga
June 2010
Soft Rocks - Leave Your Earth Behind (Roots Unit's 'Goodbye Earth' Remix)
Lord Of The Isles - We Were There (Dancin Freestyle)
Ray Mang - Sterling Love
Max Essa - 2 B The One U Want
Space Ranger - Phase Fever
tensnake - Get It Right
Toomy Disco - People Fine
Deborah Washington - Disco Rocket (Pete Herbert & Dicky Trisco Edit)
Lovebirds - Out Into The Night
the Heels Of Love - Quiet Please (Ajello Remix)
Walter Jones - Hot Contact
Ilija Rudman - Ocean Colour
KZA - Unfaithful Fernand (remix version 1)
Marius - Jet Set (Ray Mang Version)
Ajello - Silver Tears
Maximilian Skiba - Monster
Beatfanatic - Mass Effect
#disco # dance # house # classy June 2010
Featuring Faze Action, Ichisan, Bangkok Impakt, Ray Mang and so much more...
November 2009
Coming soon
#disco # dance # house # classy November 2009